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10 Material Design UI Frameworks

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As a designer i always try to speed up my designing process and also try to bring uniformity in the design related to web and mobile apps.Google material design has resolved this issue which provide its own component to speed up the process of design and development. In the year of 2014 Google first introduce material design concept to bring uniformity in the design of its chrome OS and android platform, latter it had released this technology to bring the standardization in the field of open source design and development. Now I am going to list down somematerial design UI Frameworks  to speed up the design process. You can use any one of them as per your needs.

  1. Material Design UI Frameworks

It is another type of framework which obey the rules and guidelines of Google material design. It is developed by engineers at Call-Em-All.It used solely for their projects and maintain it actively and add additional components as per their project needs. It fully customizable Material Design UI Frameworks which can be handled in such a way to add additional CSS classes and components as per client’s project requirement. Material UI using Roboto fonts for clean and stunning looks.

10 Material Design UI Frameworks

Official Website  Download

  1. Materialize css

As far as  my opinion is concern , I always prefer to use this framework. It was developed by students from Carnegie Mellon University, it has built in component to cope up with small as well as big web project.It provides the CSS classes for font, color, responsive images and videos, button, forms, badges, menu etc.It is built using Material Design UI Frameworks SASS which could be downloaded to include required CSS and components as per your project needs.


Official Website

  1. Bootstrap Material Design

It is another kind of dazzling theme rather framework which is built on bootstrap3 framework and developed by Federico Zivolo.It can be used to develop a web project from scratch and can speed up your development process. It is highly customizable so any developer can change it as per their needs to give it their own shape. It follows the guidelines  of Google material design.


Official Website  Download

  1. Angular Material

It is the most popular Google material design framework which is specially maintained by none other than Google development team. It obey the rules and guidelines of Google material design. Angular material design framework’s components are run by directives and their behaviour is controlled by directive’s attributes. It is highly customizable to control the CSS component behaviour as per the developer needs. It has stunning grid system which deliver the devastating web layout structure as you are wishing for.


Official Website  Download

  1. Leaf BETA

It is another types of stunning framework based on google’s Material Design UI Frameworks rules and is developed by Kim Korte.As it is still in beta phase, it is going through  some changes.It has components like button, forms, menu, tabs to give your design a stunning looks and feel.


Official Website  Download

  1. MUI CSS Framework

It is CSS,HTML,JAVASCRIPT framework based on google material design.It has lots of components to build a design from a scratch.There are  no dependencies  between CSS,HTML AND JS.It is also light weight is nature.


Official Website  Download

  1. LumX Framework

It is another sort of framework built with Sass, Bourbon, Neat, jQuery and AngularJS.It is being still developed and fully responsive framework. It has defined a clear road map to make it as better known framework.



  1. Paper Framwork

It is a customizable theme built on bootstrap framework and implements the google material design.You can design a customizable theme with essence of google material design and it can also  be changed as per your needs.


Official Website  Download

  1. Polymer Projects Framwork

Polymer consist of CSS,HTML and behavioural components which are fully encapsulated and reusable and follow the Google material design guidelines. Polymer is the collection of components which implements the guidelines of Google material design.


Official Website  Download

  1. Ionic Material Design UI Frameworks

This is the other power full Google material frame work for your hybrid apps. Designers can manage entire css very effectively in your mobile apps .


Official Website  Download

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