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Best 14 JQuery CSS3 Hover Effects

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Every web designer is aware that the site that they are making needs to be unique as per as look and feel is concern. There are four main languages which are responsible for designing any website. These are HTML, CSS, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT. Using JQUERY we can develop some sort of plugins library which will provide stunning effects of the proposed website.Below I am listing down some amazing Best 14 JQuery CSS3 Hover Effects Now a days web designing fields is considered to be gone through a rapid changes , now we are getting upgrade version of CSS which is CSS3.It gives stunning looks and feel of the website compared to JQUERY and it is also light weight ,so the loading time is minimum .Among all these effect hover effect is the most popular one which also add great usability to a site.

  1. Shape Hover Effect with SVG

It a striking hovering effect which can be used when you want to display title, subtitle, read more links along with image. It is a good effect to be used.

free  JQuery CSS3 Hover Effects

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  1. Sliding Image Divider

It is consist of two images with a divider, when mouse is hovering on left image ,the right will be revealed and vice versa.


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  1. 3D Thumbnail Hover Effects

It is based on CSS 3D transforms and jquery technology. It gives some stunning effect on image hovering.


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  1. Caption Hover Effects

This another dazzling hover effect which is developed on JQUUERY and CSS3.It provides modern caption hover effect.



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  1. Direction-Aware Hover Effect with CSS3 and jQuery

It is an another popular JQUERY and CSS3 hover effect.Effect will be occurred on the direction the mouse will move.


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  1. Original Hover Effects with CSS3

We can deliver the great hover effect using CSS3.In this hover effect , when we hover thumbnail it will reveal the description of the thumbnail.


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  1. Simple CSS-only light box experiment

This is another kind of stunning hovering effect which display the title upon hovering on image. After clicking on title a light box will expand.


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  1. CSS3 Hover Effects – with CSS3 Transitions

This is another kind of impressive hovering effect. It is specially used when we are enlarging the images in lightbox.


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  1. Animated  JQuery CSS3 Hover Effects

It is specially used when you are trying to display a text heading along with some text and links. This will show during hover the image.


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  1. Sexy Image Hover Effects using CSS3

This is another beautiful CSS3 plugins which is specially used in zoomin/zoomout effect.


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  1. JQuery image slide on hover effect

This is another devastating plugin which will manipulate animate function to create transition between two places upon hovering image.


Demo    Download

  1. Circle Hover Effects – Pretty hover effects on circles with CSS Transitions

This will provide a stunning circle hover effect on content.


Demo    Download

  1. CSS3 Image Hover Effects

This another CSS3 plugin which will typically be used when needs to enlarge an image during hovering.


Demo    Download

  1. Annotation Overlay Effect with CSS3

This is a  CSS3 plugin which will display  extra text about an image.


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